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Five Business Fraud Red Flags to Watch For

Unfortunately, small businesses can be susceptible to fraud and that includes franchises. Fraudsters often present themselves as individuals who can help small businesses thrive by taking on lots of the workload and never leaving work, but the fact is that they might be trying to concentrate work -- especially finances -- through themselves so they [...]

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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Franchise Employees to Capture the Spirit of Labour Day

Labour day is the celebration of the workers of the world and there is a lot to celebrate in Canada. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, Labour Day was first celebrated here in 1872, meaning Labour Day is just a few years younger than Canada. Of course, workers get the day off for Labour Day or [...]

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How Summer Pests Can be Big Business for You

Ah, the Canadian backyard; full of fresh air, beautiful scents and ... bloodsucking mosquitoes! They’re a pest and they can ruin a good barbecue. Not everyone wants to slather themselves in DEET and smell like a walking can of bug spray. Some people would rather get their yards mosquito-proofed instead and that can be big [...]

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