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How Summer Pests Can be Big Business for You

Ah, the Canadian backyard; full of fresh air, beautiful scents and ... bloodsucking mosquitoes! They’re a pest and they can ruin a good barbecue. Not everyone wants to slather themselves in DEET and smell like a walking can of bug spray. Some people would rather get their yards mosquito-proofed instead and that can be big [...]

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Franchise Ownership versus the Guaranteed (?) Income Corporate Career Path?

  If you’re like 80% of Canadians, you’re enamoured by the idea of having your own business. You are likely struggling with a number of factors… What concepts are hot right now? What business suits you best? Can I start part time and then switch to full-time once the business is up and running? How [...]

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Miss The Common Financial Potholes

When it comes to your business, you want to make the best possible choices that will end in the greatest results. No one wants a financial nightmare to sort through; however, it can be tough to avoid mistakes when the workload is overwhelming. Thankfully, you’re not alone and the learning experiences of others will help [...]

Should I use a franchise consultant?

Should I use a franchise consultant? If you’re like a lot of people who are trying to figure out which type of franchise to buy, the question “should I use a franchise consultant?” has likely crossed your mind. Obviously I’m biased because I've been a franchise matchmaking consultant for over 12 years and helped hundreds [...]

How long does it take me to get to a decent income?

How long does it take me to get to a decent income? One of the biggest challenges people have when considering which business to buy, is figuring out how long it will take them to get to the point where they’re earning a decent income. In order to get a reasonable perspective on this important [...]

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