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The Ultimate KPI

As an entrepreneur, I do suffer, a bit, from the shiny object syndrome. That is where I dart from one client email to a phone call from a franchisor, to an online article related to, ironically enough, “How to better manage your time”.  So, what is the most important KPI for me? Anchoring a business [...]

Not So Distant Cousins – The Story of Uber and Supercuts

A late adopter, I recently had my first Uber customer experience. I was actually tagging along with a friend who hailed a ride to the airport in about thirty seconds on his phone. He never took his wallet out. It was impressive. Uber’s current value of $60 Billion is even more impressive. Trends involving how [...]

Guest Post: DOCS- A Prescription for Success

I help people who are interested in owning a franchise business determine if it’s the right path for them. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people embark on the #entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning of my experience in this field, I would work with whomever wished to go on that journey. I did this [...]

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