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3 Examples of a Family Franchise Operation

Franchising and families were meant for one another. How so? The most convincing argument holds that close-knit support is absolutely necessary to launch an entrepreneurial venture. At FranNet, we believe that having the support of your immediate family is part of the implied construct of a successful venture into franchising. If you go into franchising [...]

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Five Hurdles to Overcome for Franchise Ownership

There are many hurdles that someone interested in business needs to overcome.  Here are some typical hurdles that we see that you need to think about before exploring business ownership. 1.) Budget: Perhaps the most common issue for not exploring or going into business for one’s self is an individual’s budget.  And this is not [...]

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Build A Legacy For Your Family

If there is one thing we can always count on, it’s that families will continuously love and protect each other. A parent’s wisdom provides reason and caution through countless decisions and situations. If the idea of hiring your kids or running a family business has been tossed around, stop pitching practices and get in the [...]

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