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How to Franchise Like a Girl

Since Sept. 2020, something quite interesting has occurred in the franchising industry. Call it a shift, if you will, but for the first time, the number of women making inquiries about franchise ownership topped men among two key demographics—Gen-X and Gen-Y. This according to Franchise Insights analysis, using demographic data acquired from Alliant, a leading [...]

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Give Us a Listen: Unpredicted Entrepreneur

Chances are, you have a favorite podcast or two that you listen to on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s one about true crime. Maybe it’s one hosted by one of your favorite movie stars, or it could be a show that follows your favorite sports team on a fanatical level. According to some of the [...]

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Incoming IFA President Bullish on Franchising’s Future

Matthew Haller was recently appointed as president and CEO of our leading industry trade group, the International Franchise Association (IFA). However, he’s no stranger to the organization, having spent the past decade in various executive leadership roles, including his most recent position as senior vice-president of government relations and public affairs. For the past year [...]

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Are You a Good Fit for Service-Based Franchises?

Many entrepreneurs believe that franchising provides them with the best option to own a business of their own. Of course, there are many reasons, not the least of which is the advantage of following a proven business model designed to provide the best chance of success and sustainability. Once they’ve been convinced, a second question [...]

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DFW is an Entrepreneurial Paradise

8 Facts You Need to Know… The sixth annual “Dallas Startup Week” gets underway next week, so mark your calendars for a five-day extravaganza running from Aug. 30-Sep. 3. Presented by the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) Network and sponsored by Capital One, the startup community can take advantage of over 100 virtual sessions featuring 200+ [...]

A Franchisee’s Journey: Getting to Know Michael Lee

Michael Lee is the CEO of his own business, Fitness Machine Technicians of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The company specializes in fitness equipment repair and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. But his burgeoning small business is miles and miles away from his past life. You see, Michael Lee was once an Aerospace [...]

To the Downsized Oil and Gas Employees of Houston, You Have Alternatives

It’s not a layoff if you view it as a career transition… The city of Houston, fourth-largest in the U.S., has always been synonymous with the oil and gas industry. Known as the “Energy Capital of the World”, it’s home to over 500 oil and gas firms and employs nearly a third of the nation's [...]

Congratulations to the 2020 FranNet Awards Winners! 

  FranNet is excited to announce our 2020 Awards Winners! Thank you to Benetrends Financial for sponsoring the event and to Benetrends CEO, Dallas Kerley for co-hosting. Congratulations again to all of the winners and a special thank you to our valued sponsors!   FranNet Gives Back These 3 individuals for their important contributions to [...]

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A Franchisee’s Journey: Getting to Know Aaron Grohs

Anago Commercial Cleaning Services Master Franchisee Aaron Grohs has a plan to grow his brand in one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S. They say there’s no substitute for experience and Aaron Grohs of Anago of Austin is a prime example. Having led one of the most recognizable franchise brand names in the [...]

A New Business? Now? Are You Crazy?

These are actual questions my wife asked me, NOT during the 2020 pandemic, but rather in mid-September 2001. The horrific 9-11 atrocity had just happened, the stock market was crashing and it was looking like the U.S. would be going to war with Iraq. Why would anyone in their right mind quit a lucrative senior [...]

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