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7 Common Costs Associated with Starting a Franchise

Exactly how much a franchise costs is different for every franchise company out there, but most of them have similar startup costs. While the franchisor will help you with some of these costs -- maybe through deals it has with preferred vendors or by lending you the money -- the onus will be on you [...]

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What you Need to Know About Choosing a Home-Based Franchise in Canada

Working from home can be wonderful. The commute is from your bedroom to your office, you get to use your own kitchen to make a great lunch and you get to take breaks in your own living room, maybe even in your pajamas.  Having a home-based franchise doesn’t mean that you never leave your house, [...]

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How to Pull Off Seasonal Promotions

Yesterday was Halloween, the spookiest day of the year for young trick or treaters. Quick quiz—did you happen to run any type of promotion for your customers to play off of this holiday? No “Spooktacular” deals offered? Nothing that your customers might have enjoyed in keeping with the season? During this edition of FranNet’s blog, [...]

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Business Ownership Will Teach You About Yourself

Acting upon the desire to own your own business is a significant first step in the quest to become a franchise owner. After putting in the time and research, you’ll be ready for the investigative process, the paperwork, the financials, discovery days, meet the team days and lastly, signing on the dotted line. But this [...]

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Consider the Legal and Financial Aspects of Owning a Franchise

As with any major investment, the best decision can be made only if you’re as informed as possible. You need to spend a good deal of time researching, interviewing and exploring your options -- and a part of the process is determining what the legal and financial aspects are. As your focus gets more serious [...]

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Is It Possible To Own A Franchise After Years In The Workforce?

In a word, yes! However, you’re the only one who can convince your stubborn, scared self that it’s possible. Spending years in corporate America or working for other small/large businesses doesn’t have to cripple your franchise ownership dreams. In fact, the experience and knowledge you’ve gained to this point will prove to be very useful! At FranNet, [...]

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