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Tips on Finishing the Year on a Good Note…

Well, we just checked the calendar and confirmed it. 2018 is officially winding down. Next week at this time, your kids will be wandering through different neighborhoods badgering strangers for candy while disguising themselves. And then what? Should you already start dividing up the list of whom to invite to Thanksgiving? And while we’re on [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Franchise Marketing

Franchise marketing fulfills the goal of building a strong brand for the good of all franchise locations. Because the advertising is meant to promote a brand rather than one single location, all franchisees in the system, as well as the parent company, have to convey a consistent message to potential customers. This is why franchises [...]

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5 Ways to Develop Long-Term Focus and Succeed

So you’ve started your new venture in business ownership, what’s next? Being strategic about every aspect of your new journey is essential to your success as an entrepreneur. Not only looking at short-term goals, but having a long-term vision and plan to achieve the vision you have set for you and your business. Let’s take [...]