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7 Crucial Resources for the New Business Owner

Small businesses form the backbone of the American economy and its financial growth. Recent statistics show that: Over a third of the US working population is employed at businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Businesses with less than five employees make up 62% of all businesses in the US. 66% of small businesses are self-employed [...]

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Are You Being Persistent Enough?

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners have a certain key quality that gives them the edge over others. Can you define it? Could it be perseverance, problem solving, motivation, or creativity? While these all play an important role in success, persistence is a huge part of building a memorable, quality business. When in the world of [...]

Mentors Are Invaluable

The course of your day is full of problem solving, meetings, spreadsheets and emails. With each passing week, you grow more connected and skilled at what you do, yet there was a time when it was a long way until you reached this level. One thing that builds a solid road to success for anyone [...]

The Sharing Economy And Why It’s Here To Stay

There’s a brand new world of transactions forming and it’s named the sharing or collaborative economy. The standard definition of this new trend is an economic model for individuals to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. This peer-to-peer (P2P) interaction is catching on and it could mean good things for your business. This new trend [...]