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Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Whether it's your first day as an entrepreneur or your twentieth year, setting goals is always important to keep you motivated, on track, and to keep your business growing, focused, and progressing.

Career Transition After 50–at a Crossroads

Baby boomers, those of us who are between the age of 52 and 70, find ourselves at a crossroads. There are an estimated 76 million of us, or about one-quarter of the population. We’ve spent a large part or our lives working, many of us for businesses and corporations that may have hit hard times [...]

Start a Business or Buy a Franchise? FranNet’s 3-Point Analysis

Since you’re reading the FranNet blog, it’s safe to say that you’re considering opening a franchise in your area. Congratulations; you’ve already gotten past one of the biggest roadblocks to being your own boss - getting started!   If you’re still in the research phase, it’s also likely that you’ve reached a crossroads that every franchise [...]

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