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How Franchisees Can Balance Work Life with Family Life

Deciding on franchise ownership can mean an exciting time for you. Being a new franchise owner may not, at times, be easy. Yes, you do get a bit of a head start on business owners who choose to go it alone because you get the backing of an established brand, but it’s still a lot [...]

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What You Need to Know About Penalty Clauses in Franchise Agreements

Penalty clauses are important aspects of franchise agreements, particularly in jurisdictions where there is no franchising legislation in place. (In Canada, that includes Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the territories.)   Despite their name, penalty clauses’ most important function isn’t actually to lay out the groundwork for penalties, according to Montreal attorney [...]

What does a franchisor bring to the table when you agree to join?

You know what you bring to the table when you agree to join a franchise. You bring your enthusiasm, your entrepreneurial spirit, your experience, your expertise and hopefully some funding. But, what does the franchisor bring to the table? You have to pay a franchising fee and ongoing royalties to this organization, so you should [...]

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Finding Another Way

After 40 years of finance and accounting, this Portland resident has found a new way to “Do Life” through Club Pilates Dan Wynkoop’s background is in 40 years of finance and accounting, mainly in the financial planning analysis specialty. After the 2008 economic downturn, Wynkoop decided it was time to start looking into other options. [...]