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DFW is an Entrepreneurial Paradise

8 Facts You Need to Know… The sixth annual “Dallas Startup Week” gets underway next week, so mark your calendars for a five-day extravaganza running from Aug. 30-Sep. 3. Presented by the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) Network and sponsored by Capital One, the startup community can take advantage of over 100 virtual sessions featuring 200+ [...]

Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Start a Business?

It just might be, says the NY Times. We’re seeing a common thread among those who achieved their goal to own their own business in the spring of 2020. It’s the realization that in times of uncertainty, there’s no better place to invest than in yourself. Here are a few FranNet clients (many in career [...]

The Case of the Rich Uncle

(While the following narrative reflects actual facts and events, the client’s names are withheld to protect their privacy.)  For many years this candidate was a very successful small business owner. He operated a large wholesale distribution business. His top competitor was an even bigger company with a regional footprint that desired to buy his business. [...]

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The Case of the Rocket Scientist

(While the following narrative reflects actual facts and events, the client’s names are withheld to protect their privacy.)  This client worked as an engineer in the aerospace and defense industry. His expertise was in the electronics of guidance systems. His work helped missiles to fly more accurately. Hence, he was, literally, a “Rocket Scientist”.  While [...]

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The Case As Scary as a Heart Attack

My client opened their franchise on Feb. 1, 2020 The day after the U.S. imposed travel restrictions on China, to halt the spread of the pandemic, my new franchisee held his Grand Opening. It was Feb. 1, 2020. A month later, amidst the worsening healthcare crisis, statewide shelter-in-place orders went into effect. Mass layoffs following [...]

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A New Business? Now? Are You Crazy?

These are actual questions my wife asked me, NOT during the 2020 pandemic, but rather in mid-September 2001. The horrific 9-11 atrocity had just happened, the stock market was crashing and it was looking like the U.S. would be going to war with Iraq. Why would anyone in their right mind quit a lucrative senior [...]

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Employee to Entrepreneur

I have invited you here to learn more about exploring career opportunities that don’t involve returning to the corporate world. Not everyone has thought about starting their own business as their career path of choice.  For many, following a more traditional career, working up the corporate ladder has been their preference.  With our current economic [...]

Get to Know…Beth Sehlhorst of Mosquito Joe

Beth Sehlhorst is the owner and operator of a Mosquito Joe franchise in Cincinnati, Ohio. They offer mosquito, tick and flea suppression services designed to protect outdoor family fun. And right now, Sehlhorst is having some fun. As a busy stay-at-home mom to five children, this franchise allows her the freedom to run a business [...]

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What’s HOT in franchising and why?

Like all industries, there are trends in franchising, but unlike other industries, franchising basically covers every single industry out there. With that in mind, we take a look at what industry trends are hot in franchising in Canada this year. Going Green As climate change continues to be the defining crisis of our time, more [...]

Franchise Grand Openings Should Be Grand – A List of Pointers

During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to take you on an imaginary journey—one in which you’ve already contacted FranNet about franchising and made an appointment. You remember, don’t you? During your first meeting, you told us that owning a franchise was a personal dream you’d been working towards for the past decade. You had [...]

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