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Mid-Year Review: Small Business Owners Bullish on Future

As July comes to a close, we’re reminded of being halfway through 2021. With the ebb and flow of commerce and industry reopening, coupled with lots of job-related activity, it is safe to say that much looks different than it did before. We’re confronting new attitudes on how we feel about our jobs, and what [...]

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Valuing Franchises Post-Covid

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you may have heard tell of the red-hot residential real estate market across the United States. All of a sudden, home values have skyrocketed—leaving some current owners shocked at double-digit increases in home equity. A combination of factors, including low-interest rates, scarce supply, and high demand, have allowed homes [...]

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Who, Exactly, is Looking at Franchise Ownership? You’d be Surprised…

It takes an entrepreneurial mindset to consider going into business for yourself. Some people have always known they’d one day be their own boss, while others end up business owners after previous career acts. And while they all have one goal in mind—control of their own destiny—the candidates we deal with at FranNet of DFW [...]

How Important is Being a Good Fit for a Franchise?

Even those who already possess an entrepreneurial mindset have questions about their future as a business owner. Most—if not all—have already dedicated a portion of their lives working in the service of others, perhaps content with their company roles. But taking that leap of faith into the unknown, they wonder what the best business ownership [...]

How Franchise Ownership Can Diversify a Business Portfolio

Not every franchise owner is defined as an entrepreneurial individual embarking on a second--or even third act of their career. In fact, many savvy investors look to franchise ownership as a means to diversify their business ownership portfolio. There are many advantages to using franchising to expand business ownership profiles, the least of which is [...]

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FRANdata Analysis: Latest New Concepts Report, Vol. 2

FranNet partner FRANdata, the premier market research and intelligence firm for the franchising industry, is out with another edition of their “New Concept Report." Volume Two has been released, revealing key market insights for the latest concepts and industries. There are five sections and an executive summary, which highlight the trends and growth potential for [...]

Networking to Match Brands with People

FranNet is known for being the leading national franchise consultancy, whose specialty is networking to match brands with people. Because with thousands of franchise concepts to choose from, our consultants still believe that there’s a perfect match out there just for you. One that aligns perfectly with your career, lifestyle, and financial goals. The franchise [...]

Don’t Want to Return to the Office? Here’s a Suggestion…

With 40% of Americans now fully vaccinated and adults having at least one dose approaching 300 million, talks of returning to "normal" are top of mind. Industry and commerce are responding in kind, opening doors, welcoming consumers, reducing mask mandates, and increasing occupancy levels. For those who haven’t already been called back into the office, [...]

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3 Lesser-Known Funding Options to Consider

During the investigative process of reviewing franchise concepts, you’ll be introduced to several business opportunities that align with your personal profile, lifestyle, and financial goals. The discussion, guidance, and deliberation in determining the best fit can become quite lively. The key question becomes which franchises under your consideration offer the best possible chance for success? [...]

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Localized Reach and Experience Make FranNet Unstoppable

This month, we’re celebrating the tenacity of our individual consultants who didn’t let a little thing like the pandemic get in the way of helping entrepreneurs become business owners through franchising. FranNet Consultants are “Virtually Unstoppable!” Can’t meet in person with our consultants to discuss the results of FranNet’s Entrepreneurial Assessment Profile? Fine. We’ll just [...]