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Localized Reach and Experience Make FranNet Unstoppable

This month, we’re celebrating the tenacity of our individual consultants who didn’t let a little thing like the pandemic get in the way of helping entrepreneurs become business owners through franchising. FranNet Consultants are “Virtually Unstoppable!” Can’t meet in person with our consultants to discuss the results of FranNet’s Entrepreneurial Assessment Profile? Fine. We’ll just [...]

Another Franchisee Journey…Meet Janet Carmichael

At FranNet, we like nothing more than celebrating the success of our clients. In this edition of our FranNet Testimonial Series, we meet Janet Carmichael of Nashville, TN, who just celebrated her 10-year anniversary as the owner of a Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More franchise. Our very own Market President of Tennessee and Arkansas, [...]

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Tax & Financial Reporting Required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Did you know that the franchising industry in Canada makes up the 12th largest sector of our economy? According to the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), franchising contributes over $100 Billion CAD annually to our economy, creating close to two million jobs for Canadians. That’s a lot of loonies and toonies to keep track of! Because [...]

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Another Entrepreneurial Journey: Meet Janet Schimek

My name is Sara Waskow and I’m FranNet’s Market President for Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma. I’d like for you to meet a former client of mine, Janet Schimek. A self-described “Jack of All Trades”, Janet previously worked in hospitality, accounting and health and wellness industries. But to get to the next level of career success, [...]

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What FranNet’s Clients Have to Say About Working With Us…

A recent study by Sapio Research shows online customer reviews rank 3rd out of 12 factors in the consumer buying cycle. It’s a statistic that reveals just how important feedback can be for companies that sell products and services to the public. At FranNet, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve achieved on the North American [...]

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Franchising = Freedom. What Will You Do With It?

A few recent studies reveal just how much our attitudes about work have changed since the pandemic began almost a year ago. Remote work seems to have caught on—because according to a Pew Research study, almost half of all work-from-home employees have no interest in returning to the office. The other half probably think the [...]

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A Business You Own is a Business You Can (One Day) Sell…”

People who use franchising as the route to business ownership decide to do so for many reasons. Some get fed up with Corporate America. Others want to follow their dreams and run a business of their choosing. A few get in the game to expand or diversify a business ownership portfolio. Lastly, some buy franchises [...]

What to Look for in a Good Franchise Opportunity

The desire to become your own boss can be overwhelming. While you may already have an idea of the kind of business concept you wish to own and operate, it takes patience and due diligence to make sure you choose wisely. Fortunately, franchising can help take a lot of the guesswork out of it. The [...]

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Why Couples Make Good Franchise Owners

With Valentine’s Day still fresh in the rearview mirror, we thought we’d delve into why couples make good franchise owners. Presumably, if you and your significant other share the same outlook for your future and your finances, you may have considered owning a business of your own someday. If teamwork really does make the dream [...]