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Texas Economy Booming in Anticipation of 2022

Texas’ economic forecast looks to be bullish for 2022. A recent report, released by Texas A&M’s Texas Real Estate Research Center, tracked growth through the second quarter of 2021, and includes an encouraging forecast for 2022. A 6.4% increase in gross domestic product for Texas is tied to the continuing pandemic recovery and was bolstered [...]

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Celebrating Global Entrepreneur Week (Nov. 8-14)

November is National Entrepreneur Month and this week, the entire world celebrates Global Entrepreneur Week, an initiative whose recognition and programs involve 180 countries, 20,000 partner organizations, more than 10 million people, and over 40,000 events and activities. Also known as GEW 2021, the cause campaign runs from Nov. 8-14, 2021. In the U.S., many [...]

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How to Network Like a Pro

Networking to gain a solid customer base is indisputably an essential strategy for franchise and small business owners, yet many entrepreneurs still simply don’t know where to start. In an effort to work together, it’s time you learned how to network like a pro. Because the key to a prosperous business is not only who [...]

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How Important is Being a Good Fit for a Franchise?

Even those who already possess an entrepreneurial mindset have questions about their future as a business owner. Most—if not all—have already dedicated a portion of their lives working in the service of others, perhaps content with their company roles. But taking that leap of faith into the unknown, they wonder what the best business ownership [...]

What are the Franchise Growth Sectors?

After you’ve decided to seek business ownership through franchising, the investigative process begins as you choose from thousands of concepts. Because it’s wise to keep an open mind about the type of business you may own, this step can sometimes be a tad overwhelming. But if you know where to seek and find trustworthy industry [...]

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FranNet of Houston Launches New Networking Group

FranNet of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region are excited to announce a project we’ve been working on. It’s the launch of our very own networking group! The FranNet Business Network of Houston is the official name and our first meeting is set for Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 9:30 a.m. Here’s some additional information about [...]

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DFW is an Entrepreneurial Paradise

8 Facts You Need to Know… The sixth annual “Dallas Startup Week” gets underway next week, so mark your calendars for a five-day extravaganza running from Aug. 30-Sep. 3. Presented by the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) Network and sponsored by Capital One, the startup community can take advantage of over 100 virtual sessions featuring 200+ [...]

Franchising Moves Forward Despite Challenge of COVID-19 Pandemic – Canada

Without a doubt, the world is living through a challenging moment in real-time. The root cause of our shared anxiety is in direct proportion to the uncertainties we face as the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues. Will the infection rate slow down and case rates disappear? How long will this health crisis last? Will our [...]

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Look Who’s Saying ‘Yes’ to Franchising – July 2020 Edition

You may be wondering, who would commit to starting a business in the midst of a pandemic and economic volatility? Our mission at FranNet is to provide you with an uplifting and realistic look at the future of business ownership. By providing you with helpful insights and real-time information, we hope to mitigate any risk [...]

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A Franchisee’s Journey: Getting to Know Michael Lee

Michael Lee is the CEO of his own business, Fitness Machine Technicians of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The company specializes in fitness equipment repair and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. But his burgeoning small business is miles and miles away from his past life. You see, Michael Lee was once an Aerospace [...]