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Thriving through Covid: Debunking Franchising Myths

For the past month, FranNet has focused on several well-known, but worn-out, franchise myths. We understand that many entrepreneurs want to take that leap of faith into franchising, but some remain hesitant. Stereotypes exist in all facets of society and commerce, but we can address our own and help you conquer your franchising fear! Below [...]

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FranNet of Houston Client Spotlight: Trey Davila

Trey Davila grew up in a military family, moving around quite a bit. Halfway through college, an ROTC scholarship presented itself and he joined the U.S. Army. Sent immediately to Newport News, VA, for Officer Training, Davila was later sent to Fort Hood in Killeen, TX. A master at logistics and close contact support, he [...]

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Essential Businesses Weather Any Climate

Learn which franchise categories are recession-resistant or…"Covid-proof." When you stop and think about it, the pandemic has introduced many new terms to our vocabulary. Social distancing, contactless delivery immediately come to mind. But for the franchising industry, one term, in particular, carries a meaningful message, “essential.”  When the lockdowns, shutdowns, and shelter-in-place orders went into [...]

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Will the Energy Industry’s Future Include You?

It never hurts to consider your options… Last week, Deloitte released a damning report of the pandemic’s effect on the US crude oil, natural gas, and chemicals industry. A review of the findings, which cover the time period from March to Aug. 2020, reveals the following grim statistic: approximately 107,000 jobs were lost—the fastest rate [...]

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Franchising Can Provide a Lasting Legacy

There are basically three paths to business ownership. You can start your own venture from scratch and custom-build an operation that suits you. You can also buy an existing business from a current owner-operator. Or—like most like-minded entrepreneurs—you can choose the franchising route. There are numerous advantages to the franchise business ownership model, upping the [...]

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65 and Trying NOT to Retire

  By the time most folks reach their late 50s, they’ve begun to shift their thinking towards the next chapter. In the book, Halftime, Bob Buford described this as “a time of revitalization and for catching a new vision for living the second half, the half where life can be lived at its most rewarding.” For [...]

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It’s High Time for Home Service Franchises

While the pandemic first upended the U.S. economy, no one could have predicted its effect on industry and commerce. But the ways in which we adapted to mitigate our collective health risk is paying dividends in unexpected and surprising ways. Industries who suffered the most, bars and nightclubs, seem to get all of the headlines, [...]

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The Power of (Your Own) Essential Business

Back in March, as the pandemic began its rapid spread across the U.S., shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders were issued. And a new term entered our lexicon—essential businesses. In essence, these establishments were duty-bound to remain in operation due to their importance in keeping society functioning. Grocery stores couldn’t just close up. Nor healthcare providers and [...]

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How Franchising Helped Matt Loving Come Full Circle

Matt Loving has a story to tell and it’s all about coming full circle at the intersection of both life and career. Matt is proud of the fact that he grew up in the heartland, working on his family’s Kansas farm. No doubt he learned a lot about work ethic with the dawn to dusk [...]

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A Franchisee’s Journey: Getting to Know…Mark Potts

Mark Potts owns the CertaPro Painters franchise in Missouri City, a suburb of Houston’s sprawling metroplex, which ranks as the fourth largest city in the U.S. He opened the doors for business in November 2019, the culmination of a multi-year journey to establish more control over his own life, liberty and especially the pursuit of [...]