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Why Flexibility with Franchising is a Road to Success

One of the key benefits of franchise ownership is the flexibility it affords work-life balance. Once you decide to follow an entrepreneurial path, you’re trading out your previous time commitments with one where you’re in the driver’s seat. There’s a joke about the daily commute in here somewhere, but we digress. In this FranNet blog [...]

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The Mass Corporate Job Exodus

In this space, we’ve touched on the recent phenomenon known as the ‘Great Resignation’. It’s a thing, and it’s real. Evidence from the U.S. Department of Labor reveals a sharp decline beginning in April, with a survey conducted by career site finding that over 90% of our current workforce has considered quitting altogether or [...]

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Will You Be Part of the Great Resignation?

A new survey from Canadian tech education hub Lighthouse Labs found that 57% of Canadians would change careers, if given the opportunity to do so. In speaking with the Financial Times, CEO Jeremy Shaki had some advice to share for those out there who are simply thinking of taking a different route: “I’d say, think [...]

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How Important is Being a Good Fit for a Franchise?

Even those who already possess an entrepreneurial mindset have questions about their future as a business owner. Most—if not all—have already dedicated a portion of their lives working in the service of others, perhaps content with their company roles. But taking that leap of faith into the unknown, they wonder what the best business ownership [...]

Breaking Free in a Post-Covid World

A new poll of Canadian workers from Robert Half has revealed an astonishing statistic—nearly half (47 per cent) reported that they’re rethinking their career choices and paths in a post-covid world. And while this number may come as a shock, the multiple factors of working during the pandemic offer plenty of clues to the dissatisfaction [...]

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FranNet Through the Years…An Unstoppable Force

Over the past three decades, FranNet has become an unstoppable force in the franchising industry. With over 60 affiliated offices in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve grown our brand into the most trusted and respected franchise broker group in North America. This blog edition is a celebration of our success through the years, so prepare [...]

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What FranNet’s Clients Have to Say About Working With Us…

A recent study by Sapio Research shows online customer reviews rank 3rd out of 12 factors in the consumer buying cycle. It’s a statistic that reveals just how important feedback can be for companies that sell products and services to the public. At FranNet, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve achieved on the North American [...]

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Thriving through Covid: 2021 is Here…Ready to Go?

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic in 2021, starting with one basic fact. It’s no longer 2020. We’ve been through an unimaginable year that most, if not all, will be more than happy to forget. A global pandemic, a battered economy, the fight for social justice and a bruising election gave us all [...]

Thriving through Covid: The Twelve Days of Franchising (A Holiday Take)

Hey, the work week is winding down and Christmas is literally right around the corner. As if the music on the radio, the endless Santa commercials and holiday parties aren’t enough, we’re hijacking the FranNet “Thriving through Covid” blog today to bring you even more Christmas cheer. Presented as a true tongue-in-cheek exercise, we give [...]

Thriving through Covid: 4 Things to Look for in a Good Franchise

With literally thousands of different concepts to choose from, entrepreneurs can be forgiven if they can’t decide which industry—let alone which franchise—to go with to start a business of their own. Much like reviewing a horse-racing preview guide, they can turn to many sources to narrow down the field. The top-five, Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 and [...]