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Make More Than a New Year’s Resolution: Become a Franchise Owner

Think back on your last year at work. The mindless nine to five work day. The grinding morning and evening commutes. The boss who never seemed to appreciate your input or congratulate your successes. Perhaps you even missed your son's school play or the chance to cheer your daughter on in the last basketball game. [...]

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Owning a Franchise: 7 Steps to Take Before You Sign the Dotted Line

Dream about owning a franchise? Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you follow these 7 steps.   Look inside yourself. Do you know what you want to achieve by owning a franchise? Your instinct might be to say “money,” but that’s a given. Think a little harder and decide what kind of [...]

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Avoid Hiring Headaches When Owning a Franchise

As with any business, employees are one of your greatest assets, and owning a franchise means spending a significant amount of time recruiting staff. Unless you’re running a one-man show - or are fortunate enough to have found a franchisor who will handle it for you - hiring will consume a lot of your time and [...]

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Learn to Buy A Franchise: Understanding Franchise Fees

Franchise fees are perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of owning a franchise. Some entrepreneurs look at a franchise fee as a superfluous expense - something nobody needs during start-up when money is tight  - but those within the system know better. In today’s post, we explain the reality of franchise fees in hopes [...]

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Setting the Story Straight: 5 Myths About Owning a Franchise

Franchising has come a long way since the fifties! In fact, owning a franchise never looked so good; the industry looks to continue a trend of considerable annual growth in 2016, with particularly large surges being seen in the worlds of health and fitness, home care, mobile food, and child enrichment. And yet, despite the growth [...]

Balancing the Personal and Professional Why Owning a Franchise Makes Sense

Balancing personal and professional obligations isn’t easy for anyone: it’s an ongoing problem for independent business owners and franchisees alike. Nothing demands more of our attention than our family and our business, yet they’re often mutually dependent. If your personal life is in shambles, your professional performance will suffer -- and vice versa. So how [...]

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Featured Franchisee Crystal Anderson – How an Entrepreneur Emerged Out of Corporate Downsizing

Many people assume that owning a franchise is not for them because it involves making a huge financial investment – when they think of franchising, their minds naturally turn large food franchises like Subway and McDonalds. This was the case with Crystal Anderson. Crystal’s journey into the world of franchising began after her management job [...]

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Owning a Business

There are many exciting business opportunities in Canada – especially in the franchise sector. But many would-be franchisees get so caught up in the excitement of buying a business, that they may fail to ask several key questions before they take the plunge. Some will even purchase the business simply because they like the product. [...]