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Small Business Administration Updates EIDL Funding

In September, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) updated the guidelines for the pandemic-induced Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program. Existing small business owners—especially franchise owners—who are still facing daunting challenges and losses are now eligible to apply for up to $2 million in EIDL loans. And the SBA is ready to start processing these loan applications right [...]

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Join Us! Stage2Startups Unconference Series in October

FranNet is excited to share another resource with our audience of budding entrepreneurs. Stage2Startups is an organization dedicated to assisting professionals who are seriously considering a career transition soon. And from what we’ve covered in several recent blogs regarding the Great Resignation, we know you’re out there! Stage2Startups is currently conducting an intriguing virtual series, titled “Founders Over [...]

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What to Expect When You Meet With Us: Part II

Welcome to Part II of our double blog edition, “What to Expect When You Meet With Us”. Last week, in Part I, we covered the initial steps of our FranNet consultation process, largely dedicated to having you fill out your own personal Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile. This blog edition covers what happens when we review and [...]

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Why U.S. Workers are Obsessing Over the ‘Great Resignation’

The chasm between employer and employee continues to widen dramatically, as more and more fed-up workers are ditching their dissatisfying jobs for the great unknown. When it comes to voluntary job departures, when did the workforce become so brave as to throw caution to the wind? Whatever is going on out there, it’s happening at [...]

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Can I keep my day Job AND start a business?

The short answer is YES! Many people assume that having a day job eliminates them as a candidate for business ownership.  In reality, this does not have to be the case, as there are some franchise opportunities that have been proven to operate effectively with the owner in a semi-absentee role, while continuing to be [...]

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FRANdata Blog: Q3 Insights—What’s Hot, What’s Not

In this blog edition, we check in with our partners at FRANdata to seek some Q3 2021 insights about what franchise operations are experiencing an uptick in interest and which ones could use a boost. It’s all about their quarterly New Concept Report. These insights from FRANdata also track new franchise concepts by brand and [...]

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What to Expect When You Meet With Us: Part I

People often ask what to expect when they meet with us here at FranNet of DFW and Oklahoma. If you’re not familiar with our dynamic duo, Sara Waskow handles clients in Fort Worth and surrounding counties and Oklahoma.  Roxanne Rapske handles clients in Dallas, north and east Texas and Oklahoma. With either option, you’re in [...]

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Want Freedom and Flexibility? Go Mobile!

It’s still true that people retain preconceived notions of what franchise ownership might look like for them. If it isn’t a fast-food chain (see the book, More Than Just French Fries), there’s an assumption of needing a brick-and-mortar storefront, stocking endless shelves with inventory, and watching every penny until the breakeven point is reached on their [...]

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Great Expectations: Buying a Franchise in Canada

If the data from Robert Half Canada is correct, it appears that a third of Canadian workers in the Gen Z and Millennial category are interested in pursuing something other than their current job—especially if it means a return to the office setting. A similar survey on Job Optimism also doesn’t look too optimistic for [...]

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Study: Resale Value of Franchises Tops Non-Franchise Businesses

One of the key benefits of getting into franchise ownership is the asset you own. We’ve said it before, a business you own is a business you can one day sell. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of this aspect, even planning for a sale down the road once the business has become a profitable enterprise. Now, [...]

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