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Gary’s Festive Season Message

  As I was relaxing and listening to the silence last night (something that’s been absent for the last week) I got to do one of my personal traditions and reflect on 2016... Hopefully my sharing this with you will trigger some fond memories, smiles and perhaps even a reflection or two of your own [...]

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Gary Prenevost was interviewed on CFRB 1010 AM radio show

Check out my interview with Zane Caplansky on Let's Eat with Zane Caplansky on CFRB 1010 AM  this past Saturday.  Had the pleasure to share the panel with some great guys and experts in their field, Avi Behar and Chad Finkelstein.  We discussed various aspects of Franchising and what you need to know if you [...]

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Franchise Ownership versus the Guaranteed (?) Income Corporate Career Path?

  If you’re like 80% of Canadians, you’re enamoured by the idea of having your own business. You are likely struggling with a number of factors… What concepts are hot right now? What business suits you best? Can I start part time and then switch to full-time once the business is up and running? How [...]

Happy New Year!

As I sat on the plane on December 24thfrom Cape Town home to Toronto I was reflecting on the blessings in my life, and those blessings include each of you... At this time of year most of us reflect on our own families and the people we love; I’m deeply appreciative of them and really [...]

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You Found a Franchise to Investigate – Now What?

  You’ve chosen the franchises that you want to investigate – congratulations – the easy part is over… now what? There are three phases to detailed franchise research, “Franchisor Discussions”, “Validation” (speaking with existing franchisees), and “Discovery/Confirmation”. It is important to progress through these phases in chronological order   Phase 1 – Franchisor Discussions: (duration [...]

The Harsh Reality of Corporate Employment Patterns in Canada: ‘Work more, with less, for less’ syndrome!

  As I reflected over the holidays about all of the clients I worked with in 2014, and all of the stories I heard, I was amazed at the strong correlation of themes from so many of my clients. I’ve also seen some of my family members be personally affected by the shift from long-term [...]

Evaluating B2B Franchises to Ensure Success

Anyone with skills in marketing, operations or management that wants to venture from the corporate world into business ownership should consider purchasing a B2B franchise. B2B transactions make up a much higher dollar volume of the business world than B2C transactions, providing plenty of opportunity to utilize the skills you’ve developed in the corporate world. [...]

Things You Need to Consider before Buying a Fitness Franchise in Canada

  With the recent consumer focus on living a health conscious lifestyle, investing in a fitness franchise has become a very lucrative business opportunity. Low overhead costs, resistance to seasonality and multi-unit ownership possibilities are just a few reasons that that fitness franchises are great businesses… provided you have the right skills to operate this [...]

An Additional Informational Article on Franchise Takes the Café Concept on the Road

Mobile franchises have been on the rise in the recent years thanks to their numerous perceived benefits. Low startup costs, flexible hours and increased exposure are just a few of the reasons that opportunity is rapidly growing in this sector of franchising. However, I would personally recommend a significant amount of research before even considering [...]

What You Need to Consider When Investing in a Business Consulting Franchise

  Business consulting franchises provide consulting services to businesses on various topics including advertising/marketing, sales training and executive coaching, just to name a few. Franchisors in this category often have a good “toolbox of solutions”, which gives you plenty of flexibility when deciding on the best strategies to grow your client's business and helps you [...]